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"It's not just about being fit and strong, the trainers genuinely want to help you progress towards your goals, in all aspects of your life."

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the sweat space

sweat space

A space to sweat. Integrating machine based interval training with a variety of conditioning based exercises, this class will drastically improve your cardiovascular fitness. Think high intensity.

the fit space

fit space

A space to be fit. Combining strength training and fitness protocols to give you an all in one full body workout. The perfect strength and conditioning workout. Think ‘a little bit of everything’.

the strength space

strength space

A space to be strong. Improving full body strength through evidence based programming with an individualised approach tailored to you. Think heavy weights.

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We have exciting news

We're moving!

From January the 6th 2024, we will be moving to 13 Sunbeam Road, Glynde. Let’s get fit together!

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