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You have to be over the age of 16 years to participate in classes at The Fit Space. Children younger than this age are not permitted in the studio and are not to be left in the studio while you participate in a session.

Attending a gym for the first time can be daunting and we fully appreciate that not everyone is an expert! However, with the small number of participants in our classes and our highly skilled team of trainers, the classes are easily adaptable to all fitness levels. Be sure to arrive 10 minutes early to allow time for a quick chat with your trainer before the class starts to address any questions or concerns you may have.

We are located at 13 Sunbeam Road, Glynde.

There is a private carpark on premises however spaces are limited but there is ample street parking. before your first class in the new space we encourage you to arrive a few minutes earlier to familiarise yourself with the area and to get a park.

We have 3 very different class types at The Fit Space. Any and all classes can be made appropriate for any fitness or experience level. If you haven’t ever done any gym work before, starting off with one of our Strength Space classes is a great idea. These classes generally move a little slower that the Fit or Sweat Space classes and allow ample time with the trainer to chat and answer questions as you train. If you have some level of experience and fitness coming into our community, starting with any of the three classes is fine – we always recommend a mix of 2 or more class types in your routine to ensure you improve both your strength and fitness levels.

Please arrive at least 10 minutes early to your first class. This is so you’ll have time to familiarise yourself with the studio, fill out a registration form and meet your Trainer. Please bring your own sweat towel, we have cool water you can refill your drink bottle with. We also have towels and drink bottles available for purchase at the gym. Please be prompt, if you’re late to your first class you might not be able to participate.

We don’t have specific beginner, intermediate or advance level classes. All classes are suitable for everyone, as the Trainer will tailor the workout to each individual client. Some gym experience is preferred, but not necessary.

Once you are booked in via the App, in the class information you will be able to see which space you are booked into. Space One or Space Two. When you arrive at the gym, follow the signs to your space, or look out for our trainer and they will assist you.

You can also what to bring and what you can expect from the class experience.


Our ‘3 classes for $29’ trial offer is redeemable just once for first time visitors to the gym and lasts for 14 days from the first class booked. From there we have multiple options for those looking to attend frequently and those who are after more of a casual relationship with their gym training.

In the rare occasion that your class is cancelled, you will be immediately contacted by our team to inform you of this scheduling change. All necessary refunds will be made.

With a maximum of 8-10 clients per class, classes can get booked out. However, with our 8 hour cancellation policy there is movement in the classes. We recommend using our waitlists (by booking into the class). If a place becomes available, you will receive an email/SMS notifying you.

When you create your account, be sure to tick the box for allowing text notifications for scheduling and booking changes. This will ensure you will receive a text from our booking system informing you of a spot that has become available in that class. If you can attended we ask that you confirm this spot, so we know you are coming. Likewise, if you can no longer attend, please decline the offer so those on the waitlist behind you can have a chance to attend the class.

Provided it is not your very first class with us, the trainer will generally allow five minutes however this is up to the discretion of the trainer. If it is your first class with us please ensure you arrive 5-10 minutes prior to class starting to allow time for our trainer to introduce themselves and our facilities to you.

Cancellations or rescheduling of classes needs to be done more than 8 hours prior to the class commencing. If you know that you are unable to attend a class, we ask that you forfeit your spot as soon as possible to allow another client on the waitlist to move into the class.

We understand that life happens, and you can’t always get to your class even with the best intentions.

We ask that if you can no longer make it to your class that you remove yourself outside our 8 hour cancellation window to allow for other clients to booking in and keep the waitlist moving.

Unfortunately, in each instance of a late cancellation or absent session you will be charged a $10 fee (as per our terms and conditions).

If for whatever reason you can’t make it to your class, please early or late cancel your class to ensure those on the waitlist are notified that a spot has become available.


Here at The Fit Space we offer 3 very distinct class types that change on a fortnightly basis and are scalable from a beginner to an advanced level. Our Strength Space class is, as its name suggests, centred around building full body strength. It generally moves a little slower to allow ample rest periods before completing your sets. Our Sweat Space class is entirely focused around improving your cardiovascular fitness and is largely based on our conditioning equipment (Treadmills, Bikes, Row and Ski Ergs etc). Our Fit Space class is our signature class and is comprised of both full body strength training with the addition of conditioning work. Each and every class is a diverse full body workout to ensure no matter what class you book in for you get the most out of your time. We don’t have classes split into lower body or upper body. You’ll notice the Strength, Fit and Sweat Space classes have an A and B. One is not harder than the other, they are just comprised of different exercises and structure to ensure variety across the fortnight.

There will be a maximum of 12 people per class. Our small group class sizes allow our Trainers to focus on each client to maximise individual results. Think of our classes like a small group PT session, rather than a large group fitness class.

With small class sizes, we provide a tailored and personal approach to your exercise experience. Using evidence based practices to produce programs that target all energy and body systems, in an efficient and calculated process, gives our clients results they can understand and maintain.

People train for a variety reasons with often more than one goal in mind. Most of these goals can generally be achieved through regularly attending 2-3 different class types, 2-3 times a week. Our philosophy at TFS is centred around making lifestyle and behavioural changes. We encourage our community to think more on improving general strength and fitness as a way of ensuring long term healthy wholesome lifestyle rather than focusing too much on aesthetic goals. As you move throughout your health and fitness journey, goals often fluctuate and change however for those which specific goals in mind, reach out to our trainers to discuss exactly what might fit best for you! There is enough variety across our schedule to have you covered.


Yes, please contact us directly at [email protected] for more information.

Trial offer 3 for $29 (valid 14 days)

1 Session $30 (valid 1 month)

10 Session pack $250 (valid 6 months)

Limited Membership $49/week

  • 2 classes / week
  • Credits can be used for classes, workshops and open gym times,

Unlimited Membership $59/week

  • Unlimited access to classes, workshops and open gym times

Yes we do allow suspensions of memberships in some circumstances. We can put your membership on hold for a minimum of 2 weeks, and a maximum of 2 months. Anything under or beyond this time frame will incur a hold fee of $20 per week. Please get in touch to enquire about or request a membership suspension.

We provide drinking water, with sweat towels and drink bottles for purchase.

We also have two private toilets, one shower, fully equipped kitchenette and lounge area for all clients to access.

Because of the structure of our classes, our highly skilled team of trainers and small class numbers – we do not offer personal training. Our diverse programming allows for any and all goals to be achieved through our group classes and the small number of participants in each class means exercises can be modified for you as required (this could mean slightly altering the exercise movement or changing it completely if needed).

No you cannot as we do not provide child care services. Please organise supervision off the premises while you come to your class.

Absolutely! Provided you have clearance from your health care professional and were generally active prior to the pregnancy, exercising right through to term is perfectly safe and healthy. Of course exercises will need to be modified throughout your pregnancy but this is easily managed by you and the trainer. Contact the gym if you still have any questions.

It will depend on the type of injury and the severity. We ask that you disclose any pre-existing injuries or concerns on your waiver form and you will need to alert your trainer to make sure you’re not putting yourself at risk of further injury.

We sure do. Community and education are two of our core values at The Fit Space and we regularly engage in community events inside and outside of the gym and host educational seminars to provide a complete and wholistic platform to keep you informed and enjoying all our community has to offer.

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